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Men's Ties & Formal

Getting dressed up for a formal occasion should not be met with the moans and groans akin to that of an adolescent preparing for prom. An event with a strictly formal dress code should be embraced as an opportunity to don one of mans’ only true uniforms (and look good doing it.) An invitation that simply states the dress code as formal is in some part straightforward. The rest? Well Accessoryo have a range of formal accessories to help you give off sartorial distinction. Accessorising a suit doesn’t have to start and stop with your tie, cummerbund and pocket-square. Give your cufflinks some consideration. Ensure they match any other metals you may be wearing and make them a little personal to you or somewhat of a signature; for example David Gandy has been known to favour a steering wheel design.

Get sharply suited and booted with our edit of formal, black tie and occasion wear. Once you’ve tailored your tuxedo jacket, suit or blazer it’s all in the detail; add a crisp white shirt with a soft collar, slim fit trousers, a bow tie and a sleek loafer or lace-up shoe. If you choose to go with a black necktie instead of a bow tie for a black tie event, then make sure to pick a solid color black necktie made from a shiny satin silk fabric. The smooth silk fabric gives off an elegant shine making the tie look more formal and elegant. Neckties should never be worn with a tuxedo. Instead pick a classy two piece suit in black and a white dress shirt. Accessories such as cufflinks and white pocket square are recommended to make you look sophisticated and dapper. Bow ties can be worn in the streets. Since its recent resurgence to the mainstream menswear, bow ties can actually be seen every day, not just in formal events. Bow ties can be worn casually with a short-sleeve button down shirt. Don’t be self-conscious when you’re wearing one. It’s all in the attitude. If there’s one thing that Daniel Radcliffe is good at, it’s pretending to cast spells and take on really bad wizards. But if there are two things he’s good at, it’s dressing to the nines like a champ. His attention to detail is always impressive, and he gets props from us for his perfect and classic incorporation of a cummerbund at the Oscars. The pocket square, that flourish of breast-pocket plumage that once belonged to the old school, has become a sartorial signature for a whole new generation of men, from the Hollywood celebrities and folk rock musicians who walk red carpets and grace magazine covers, to NFL players and the average guy on the street.