Men's Pocket Squares

A pocket square is essential for any formal event, their refined style adds an air of gentlemanly polish to any formal look and it is ensured that its premium look will set a sartorial tone for the evening. As a decorative accessory, the undeniable touch of elegance of these pocket squares is unrivaled and will transform your suit to dandy territory without being try-hard.

As a decorative accessory, the pocket square adds an undeniable touch of elegance and individuality to an outfit and can be used to spruce up even the drabbest of suits. We know that cotton is the way forward here at Accessoryo. Silk is for men who sleep on it or Hugh Heffner and that’s it. Experiment and go for ones in paisley, floral, jacquard, skulls or butterfly prints and bold primary colours. Don’t worry too much about having it matching other parts of your outfit, in this case breaking the rules shows that you know the rules well. When it comes to a tuxedo—and a pocket square—it doesn’t get more quintessential than Bond himself. Daniel Craig knows how to wear a tux and a classic white pocket square is the perfect touch. But he can go for a more casual look, too, with brightly patterned fabrics that’s folded with a puff, rather than the straight lines of the one-point fold. Also, very few men on television are as well dressed as the characters in Mad Men, and John Slattery is the picture of a perfect gentleman with his charcoal gray three-piece suit and a tri-fold, crisp white pocket square. The catwalks were rife with new trends to take you into the coming season. Chester Barrie showcased an assortment of amazing pocket squares for his SS15 collection at London Fashion Week. Also, Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen showed an elegant man with double breasted jackets and pocket squares, but by opening the shirt and teaming a suit with a wide brim fedora, the man we saw became more casual and stylish.