Lets talk about.... Beckie Hart

EUREKA! Ive found her! Before starting the 'Let's talk about....' blog posts, I spent days scrolling through bloggers instagram pages before finding this gem. I wanted to kick start the blog with a blogger who in my eyes ticks all the boxes.

Let's talk about Beckie Hart...


                                                                                  She's worn it all 




London blogger Beckie is a shinning example for anyone who is wanting to start blogging. Scrolling through Beckie's instagram page its difficult to find a photo which stands out from the rest. From looking at her posts you can tell how much Beckie takes into account every detail in her photos...

Her outfits are enough to give any girl Fashion envy. She can pretty much rock anything out there. Playsuits, Oversized jumper, Dresses, you name it she's worn it. I am confident in saying you could hand Beckie a bin bag, kitten heels and she would still deliver a show stopper post.

Bloggers have different techniques and strategies behind the way they present their posts to their following, Location is a good example of this. Whilst some bloggers go for a white wall and maybe a fancy plant in the background, others are out in the world using various Locations to add a little more to their posts. One of my favourite things about Beckie's posts are the Locations. Cake shops, Fair grounds, Suburb streets and Sunny destinations, all adding that little bit more Charm to her posts.



Like a true blogger, Beckie isn't all just about Fashion. She uses her platform to showcase a variety of different topics. From sharing Beauty products, Travelling destinations, Fitness and Shopping Finds. 

 Five Questions with Beckie Hart...

1. Apart from blogging, what else does Beckie Hart get up to on a usual day?

Monday - Friday I do Influencer Marketing for a beauty PR agency. This is ideal as I get to speak to and work with a lot of my friends in the blogging industry. On weekends you’ll find me with a giant suitcase rushing around London trying to get ‘the shot’. 

2. Whats your favourite Season and Why?

My favourite season has to be summer, I can’t cope with the cold at all plus I love the fashion in summer - give me a girlie dress and sunglasses over a massive coat and jeans any day!

3. Your ultimate Fashion icon?

Where to start?! I look to bloggers for my fashion inspiration most of the time so my ‘top stalked’ has to be Victoria (@inthefrow), Sophie (@sophiemilner_fs) and Louise (@louise.thompson) from Made in Chelsea

4. You're trapped on a island, what 5 things would you want with you?

My phone (of course), I’d probably need a friend of mine to come and calm me down, factor 50 SPF, an unlimited fridge full of pizza & wine and probably one of my cats. Clearly I’m going to survive a long time on this island ha! 

5. If you could style a celebrity who would it be?

I would love to style Ariana Grande, I am potentially unhealthily obsessed with her and the way she dresses - so I would love to give that a go. 



Instagram: @Beckiehart_

Twitter: @Beckiehart_




 By Callum Smith

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