K-POP?! What is it? Who is it? Is it a place? A fancy new food dish? NOOOOO

K-POP is a musical genre consisting of Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and R&B Music originating from South Korea. 

Over the last few months more so, K-Pop has become than a genre of music and is now becoming more of a subculture among teenagers and young adults throughout Asia, resulting in widespread interest in the Fashion and Style of Korea music groups. 

K-POP has spread further than Korea people all over the world are now enjoying it, even though they don't necessarily understand the words. One of the biggest K-pop music groups about today are BTS. BTS is an all male group consisting of 7 members. On their instagram page,  the band has an impressive 13.8 million followers and the #BTS has been used more than 64 million times.

Earlier this month BTS were touring London and we got in touch with one of the groups fans to talk us through their experience of the concert..



"I went to the concert on the 10th of this month and even though it was my first concert, it was amazing!! Before the concert started, it was pretty hectic and chaotic but once we were past the security, it was fine and we went to our seats. I made a lot of friends just talking to the people near me (I'm still in contact with them) just talking about who we liked and what we were excited for. Everyone in the concert was singing their songs before they came out for about an was beautiful.
I don't think I've ever heard people scream as loud as they did when bts came out, people around me were crying and screaming as loud as they could. They started to perform and all of the crowd was singing with them and the army bombs (light sticks) were all controlled by the arena so it was a light show too as they changed colour with the music. It was beautiful to watch!
My favourite part of the concert was when my favourite song played (Jhope- trivia: Just Dance); it had the best beat drop and everyone was screaming, it was the best performance that my opinion.
They had a sad ending, as one of the members were crying (he was injured) as he thought he was a disappointment to the concert so everyone tried to cheer him up and scream. They sang their last song, said goodbye and left. Everyone around me was crying, although, they did say they want to come again. It was a brilliant first time experience at a concert, especially having it being my favourite band." -Nora Start

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