Over the weekend, Manchester based online retailer PrettyLittleThing shared a post on their instagram channel which featured plus size US models Tabria Majors and Kayla Jane promoting PLT Plus size Bikini range.



The post gained an impressive 140,000+ likes with most of the reactions from fans positive, praising the brand and models for promoting body confidence. However, it wasn’t long until the post became the centre of a Debate amongst fans. The brand has been accused of promoting obesity. 

The unhealthiness jumped out this pic” was one of the first comments made against the brands post, criticising the models, And 100’s more comments flooded in. But whilst some took aim at the brand with negative remarks, others fan came in to defend the models.  

You do realise that people can look skinny and still be unhealthy

They’re so damn beautiful

One of the model's Kayla Jane responded on Instagram hitting back at the critics. 

"In a world where we see women in the media constantly bringing each other down, it’s that much more important to show young ladies how to uplift one another, We must model how to be confident not only in their bodies, but in their talents & in their minds."

PLT aren’t the first brand to do a plus range for their customers; River island, ASOS and New Look to name a few all have plus size ranges and promoted their collection through social media. However the reactions are completely different to what PLT received. (Have a look below)


Here at AccessoryO HQ were all about diversity and spreading the love of everyones different style. But we want to here your thoughts about this, What do you want of the whole backlash PLT received?







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